Restoring Democracy & the Common Good

Delaware ADA is co-sponsoring a film series that starts tonight!  Can you attend the Pacem in Terris 2014 Film & Lecture Series focused on RestoringDemocracy and the Common Good?  All programs are at 7pm on Tuesdays at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1502 W 13th St, Wilmington, in the Meeting Room (brown door).

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Tuesday, July 8: State of Conflict-North Carolina
Tuesday, July 15: The Best Govt. Money Can Buy?
Tuesday, July 22: Take Action! against money corruption of elections
Tuesday, July 29: Gerrymandering and voter suppression (*ADA has a special role this night!  Come support our chapter, our activism, and our organizer Apryl Walker!)
Tuesday, August 5:  Shadows of Liberty
Tuesday, August 12: Conundrum of U.S. Media: A Review of the Contradictory Forces in the American Media

Campaign Endorsements

 The Delaware chapter of Americans for Democratic Action has made its first round of endorsements in state legislative races.  Delaware ADA has endorsed the following candidates:
  • Senator Margaret Rose Henry, running in the 2nd Senate District
  • Councilwoman Sherry Dorsey Walker, running in the 3rd Senate District
  • Claire Snyder-Hall, running in the 6th Senate District
  • Senator Bryan Townsend, running in the 11th Senate District
  • Representative Charles Potter, running in the 1st Representative District
  • Representative Gerald Brady, running in the 4th Representative District
  • Representative Paul Baumbach, running in the 23rd Representative District
  • Representative Ed Osienski, running in the 24th Representative District
  • Representative John Kowalko, running in the 25th Representative District
  • Jonathan Gallo, running in the 30th Representative District
  • Paulette Rappa, running in the 37th Representative District
Candidates must complete Delaware ADA’s state legislator questionnaire to be considered for endorsement; candidate responses and more information can be found here:
The Delaware chapter of Americans for Democratic Action is a non-partisan community advocacy group dedicated to social and economic justice.  Delaware ADA’s Electoral Politics Action Committee, chaired by Susan Meany, is actively engaged in the 2014 elections, helping facilitate an informed electorate regarding candidates’ positions on the issues and supporting those candidates our chapter believes will move our state forward.  Delaware ADA members and activists live in every state house and senate district in our state.  Delaware ADA will be making additional endorsements in late July and late September.
The national organization of Americans for Democratic Action featured Delaware and our chapter’s endorsements in the 3rd and 6th Senate District in this week’s “Wednesday Campaign Wrap-Up.”  The article can be found here:

Senate Floor Statement on Corporate Bills

Joint Statement on House Bills 327 and 328

Americans for Democratic Action, Delaware Chapter
Delaware Alliance for Community Advancement
Delaware Coalition for Open Government
Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council
Delaware State Education Association
Delaware State NAACP Conference of Branches
Kent County Progressives
League of Women Voters of Delaware
National Organization for Women, Delaware Chapter
Political Action Committee, National Association of Social Workers, Delaware Chapter
Progressive Democrats for Delaware
Public Employees Council 81 AFSCME AFL-CIO
Service Employees International Union 32BJ

  • One Serbian drug lord laundered cocaine money. Another smuggled cigarettes.
  • One anonymous company purchased property tax liens across the U.S. to force homeowners into foreclosure proceedings.
  • Viktor Bout, also known as “the Merchant of Death,” engaged in weapons trafficking in conflict zones around the world
  • Timothy Durham, known as ‘the Midwest Madoff’, bilked 5,000 mostly middle-class and elderly investors out of $207 million.
  • Romanian Laszlo Kiss embezzled and laundered $10 million and helped others with tax evasion.
  • A $1 million donation was made anonymously to the Restore Our Future Super PAC.
  • Jack Abramoff, former DC lobbyist jailed on corruption charges, hid millions in payments and circumvented federal laws.

These criminals all have a common thread. They all set up Delaware companies to use as the getaway car for their crimes.

We need to put a stop to the ease with which criminals can take advantage of Delaware law to set up anonymous shell companies to facilitate money laundering, terrorist financing, drug smuggling, arms trafficking, anonymous campaign contributions, tax evasion, and other criminal activity.

We see annual legislation to update our state code relating to corporations, but the legislation remains crafted behind closed doors by corporate attorneys. We appreciate their dedication and diligence, but this is asking the fox to guard the hen house, unless the General Assembly acts as a watchdog and not a rubber stamp on these pieces of legislation, even given the late hour for consideration.

House Bills 327 and 328 fail to give law enforcement the tools they need to more efficiently and effectively investigate and hold bad actors accountable.

The bill proposes changes that require companies to keep records of members, managers, and partners that law enforcement is supposed to ultimately be able to access. The problem is that a “member” or “partner” could be another shell company. A “manager” could be a “nominee” who is a front for the actual person in charge of the company. The legislation does not require any information to be collected about the real people, often called beneficial owners, who ultimately own or control Delaware companies.

House Bills 327 and 328 also do not set up an effective means for law enforcement to access this information. A subpoena to a registered agent requires the registered agent to contact the company’s communications contact, which could tip the company off that they are under investigation and give criminals time to move their dirty money and disappear from the U.S. Under these bills, law enforcement would have to go through three levels of red tape to get basic information just to identify who might own one company.

Delaware benefits greatly from our status as a corporate capital. Our state earns respect and revenue because U.S. and international corporations frequently choose to make and keep Delaware as their legal domicile. We have more business entities incorporated in our state than we have residents. And just like most Delaware people are responsible and law-abiding, so are most Delaware businesses. In fact, the Fortune 500 companies and other publicly traded companies that incorporate in Delaware all already disclose their beneficial owners. However, there are bad actors who take advantage of the ease with which individuals can set up an anonymous shell company in our state.

As a leader in corporate formation, our state has a responsibility to also be a leader in ensuring law enforcement is sufficiently equipped to investigate and prosecute cases like the ones mentioned earlier and the many more that remain unsolved due to a lack of information.

Federal legislation that applies to all states like the Incorporation Transparency and Law Enforcement Act would certainly be helpful in ensuring criminals do not abuse our state and for ensuring our state does not find itself in a race to the bottom with other states like Nevada.

However, until this issue has been sufficiently addressed at the national level, we urge the Delaware legislature to study this issue and take action. We recognize that Delaware relies on incorporation for revenue and therefore this issue must be addressed sensitively and carefully to ensure responsible businesses still choose Delaware as their legal domicile. We hope you recognize that window-dressing legislation and inaction are insufficient. We urge our state legislature to help uphold a positive image of Delaware as a responsible leader in incorporation and ensure that individuals cannot use our state’s incorporation laws for illicit purposes. Let’s work together to stop enabling criminals to use our state to play shell games and cause real harm across the world.

A Great Chapter Meeting

This past Wednesday we had a very productive chapter meeting!








Shanon Griffin, Community & Project Organizer at the ACLU of Delaware, gave an engaging talk about Delaware’s school to prison pipeline.

We also elected our new chapter board!

Congratulations and thank you to:

  • President: Mike Matthews
  • Treasurer: Carl Nelson
  • Secretary: Barbara Wilcox
  • Delegate to the National Board: Catherine Ciferni
  • Alternate Delegate to the National Board: Desmond Kahn
  • Electoral Politics Action Committee Chair: Susan Meany
  • Social & Economic Justice Policy Action Committee Chair: Catherine Ciferni