Collaboration with MWULYP Community Organizing Training Program

Delaware ADA is grateful to the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League Young Professionals for setting up this Community Organizer Training program and giving Delaware ADA the opportunity to collaborate and co-sponsor this event.

I am energized by the packed room of leaders who came each night for the 1-week training program where we worked on Public Narrative, Relationship Building, Leadership Development, Strategy, and Taking Action.


Thank you to all the community leaders and elected officials who took the time to address the group.

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Lively Discussion of DE’s Budget and What We Can Do


Last night in Newark around 30 people came together to talk with Rep. Paul Baumbach about the issues with Delaware’s recently completed budget and what we can do from here. Click here for the story by Tom Lehman on WDEL to see more quotes from Rep. Baumbach and Sen. Townsend at the event.

Rep. Baumbach explained how this year Delaware faced a $60 million budget shortfall, and next year’s budget faces a projected gap of $160 million. He said we had 3 choices: 1. Make only cuts to the budget, 2. Raise revenues, and 3. A mix of cuts and revenue increases.

Rep. Baumbach said “With a $160 million hole, there is no doubt in my mind that we need additional revenues.”

Rep. Baumbach said in 2009 the General Assembly faced a big budget shortfall, but they had more ways to cut down expenses since there had been very few cuts before that year. However, every year since 2009, Delaware has been trimming away and it’s harder and harder to find appropriate areas to cut. So he said we have to raise some revenues in order to maintain all the programs and projects we all care for.

Rep. Baumbach said compared to other states in our region, we have much lower tax rates, so we should consider adding tax brackets for those earning $125,000 and $250,000 a year. Maryland’s top tax bracket is $250,000, and New Jersey’s is $500,000.

“Bringing it up to the $125,000 or $250,000 range is fair and is well in line with what our neighbors are doing,” he said.

After Rep. Baumbach’s presentation and Q&A we had breakout groups planning possibilities that can boost the economy and address the budget shortfall. We had groups talk about 1. Fair Wages and Benefits, 2. Taxing Concentrated Wealth, and 3. Public Investment to Spur Job Growth.

We have much work ahead to propel a fair and equitable budget, so we are lucky to have such a strong group of support!


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Photos From Rally for Long-Term Budget Solutions

On the last day of the legislative session, we called for long-term budget solutions that both addressed immediate needs and built toward a robust long-term economic future that support the middle class.

We thank County Executive Tom Gordon and Claire Snyder-Hall for speaking!

Here’s some quotes from the News Journal. “The rich are getting richer,” Gordon said. “The poor are getting poorer.”

“We cannot afford cuts to senior centers, fire companies,” said Claire Snyder-Hall. “We need to raise revenue.”

We resisted the idea that the state had to rely on cuts to services and using 1-time funding.

The budget issues will be bigger next year, so we will continue the struggle for our three keys. Click here to listen to Delaware ADA Organizer, Drew Serres describe these keys on 105.9.

1.Raising wages – so people can afford to spend on goods and services

2. A progressive income tax – where those in the top 2% pay a little more so we can invest it in jobs

3. Public investment – in roads, public transit, and clean energy + support for small businesses

Fantastic photos by Amy Roe. Click here for more photos.

Also, here’s a video of the rally.

Issues with DE’s Budget and What We Can Do

DelawROE-2015-06-30-0091are’s recently finalized budget will continue our economic inequality.

We had an opportunity to implement long-term budget solutions that both addressed immediate needs and built toward a robust long-term economic future that support the middle class (e.g. a progressive income tax, raising wages, and public investment). Instead the budget focused on cuts with few ways to produce additional revenue.

A group of courageous legislators voted against the budget to voice the need for long-term solutions.

On Monday night at 5:30pm at the Newark Free Library we will hear fromPaul Baumbach, State Representative and others as they highlight the issues with the budget and present a cohesive economic vision for Delaware.

Contact Your Legislator For Tax Fairness in DE!

Delaware is facing a budget gap, and Delaware has a huge opportunity to implement strong long-term legislation that supports the future of this State.

However, currently the General Assembly is considering using 1-time funding (from the financial settlement) and taking money from county and municipal governments.

Instead, Delaware ADA supports Rep. Kowalko’s bill to add tax brackets for those making $125,000 and $250,000 which would generate $30 – $70 million for the state (which we could use for public investment in jobs and our schools).

Please contact both your Representative and Senator to let them you support fair taxes for Delaware as a key solution to our budget!

Ask/Rally Sen. Coons & Sen. Carper To Stop Fast Track

This week the Senate will likely vote on whether to approve Fast Track without any provisions supporting workers (it’s coming up again, because the bill was changed in the House).

Tomorrow (Monday, June 22nd) there is a Rally at Sen. Coons office at 2:00pm at 1105 N. Market Street, Wilmington, DE. There is also a Rally tomorrow at Sen. Carper’s office at 3:00pm at  310 North Walnut Street, Wilmington, DE.

Come to the rallies if you can and please contact Sen. Coons andSen. Carper to ask them to vote NO on Fast Track.

Here’s their email and phone info (even leaving a voice message when the office is closed or busy is great!):