Contact Your Legislator For Tax Fairness in DE!

Delaware is facing a budget gap, and Delaware has a huge opportunity to implement strong long-term legislation that supports the future of this State.

However, currently the General Assembly is considering using 1-time funding (from the financial settlement) and taking money from county and municipal governments.

Instead, Delaware ADA supports Rep. Kowalko’s bill to add tax brackets for those making $125,000 and $250,000 which would generate $30 – $70 million for the state (which we could use for public investment in jobs and our schools).

Please contact both your Representative and Senator to let them you support fair taxes for Delaware as a key solution to our budget!

Ask/Rally Sen. Coons & Sen. Carper To Stop Fast Track

This week the Senate will likely vote on whether to approve Fast Track without any provisions supporting workers (it’s coming up again, because the bill was changed in the House).

Tomorrow (Monday, June 22nd) there is a Rally at Sen. Coons office at 2:00pm at 1105 N. Market Street, Wilmington, DE. There is also a Rally tomorrow at Sen. Carper’s office at 3:00pm at  310 North Walnut Street, Wilmington, DE.

Come to the rallies if you can and please contact Sen. Coons andSen. Carper to ask them to vote NO on Fast Track.

Here’s their email and phone info (even leaving a voice message when the office is closed or busy is great!):

A middle-class economic vision for Delaware


Mike Matthews is finishing up his term as President of Delaware ADA. Here’s his Op-Ed on “A Middle Class Economics Vision for Delaware” which was published in the News Journal.


Recently I have been reading many of Joe Biden’s words, and one of his statements stood out. He said he wants to see an economic future “where the middle class is dealt back into the deal, where there’s really opportunity and jobs you can raise a family on.”

As I read this, I found myself thinking this is a choice. Do I aim to just do the best I can for myself or do I push for an economic future where everyone can succeed?

To me the answer is clear. I will follow Biden’s call for “middle class economics” every time I get the chance.

I believe we all want to work to support our families, but sometimes we have a hard time finding decent paying work or enough work at all. We all want to take care of our children and elders, but have trouble keeping up with costs. We all want robust education, transportation, and energy systems, but we need to have the will to pay for them.

Now we as Citizens of Delaware have the opportunity to take ownership and push for a cohesive vision for “middle class economics.”

First, we need to focus on job creation by increasing public investment in roads/bridges, public transit, and support for small businesses. In particular we need to unlock opportunities in areas hardest hit by the slow economy. As people enter the middle class this will lead to a rise in demand for a whole host of goods and services that will in turn further boost Delaware’s economy.

Second, we need to guarantee fair wages and benefits. Right now Delaware’s trend towards low-wage workers hurts our growth. People need to be paid enough (e.g. $15 an hour) to buy goods and services, which stimulate the economy. To show our commitment to families, Delawareans also ought to have appropriate workers’ rights such as a “fair workweek” standard (i.e. adequate hours to receive benefits and a predictable, family-friendly schedule).

Third, we need to build a clean energy state. Investment in the clean energy industry (e.g. energy efficiency and renewable energy) has a much higher return in terms of producing new jobs than fossil fuel/nuclear industries. We also have to make sure future workers have chances for employment, thus we need to invest in industries where Delaware can produce the materials/energy here instead of solely relying on other states.

Fourth, we should be valuing family success by supporting caregivers. In Delaware we have many families struggling to meet care-giving needs for their families and communities. We need to make a commitment to ensure high-quality childcare available to working parents, raise the quality of jobs in the early education and care fields, transform home care, and provide financial support for family members providing unpaid care to loved ones.

Finally, we need to tax concentrated wealth. Higher tax revenue would allow Delaware to focus on key economic investments, which would in turn greatly spur our economic growth. We need to update our tax system (e.g., add tax brackets on higher-incomes, strengthen the estate tax, and increase taxes on capital gains and dividends) so we can foster growth through public investment.

These key economic principles build on each other to create a unified middle class vision for Delaware.

Joe Biden has consistently sounded the call for middle class economics at the national level. It is time Delaware followed his lead and pushed these policies here at home.

“Keys to Delaware’s Economic Future” Forum on WDEL

Last week, Delaware ADA hosted a forum on “Keys to Delaware’s Economic Future,” where we had around 40 people on a Sunday evening actively talking about how Delaware can better support “middle class economics.”

Amy Cherry of WDEL covered the event so click here to check it out or see it listed farther below.

We thank Sen. Bryan Townsend for opening the forum and speaking so well on the need for all Delawareans to commit to a long-term vision that supports our kids and families.

We also thank Tamara Varella of Complexities of Color, Medard Gabel of Pacem in Terris, Claire Snyder-Hall of Delaware ADA, and Rachel Livingston of Mother African Union Church.

WDEL News Story by Amy Cherry

A forum held recently in Wilmington aimed to find the keys to a prosperous future for the middle class.

“We need Delaware to commit to a long-term economic vision,” said Drew Serres, with the Delaware chapter of Americans for Democratic Action (ADA).

Serres told WDEL that several ideas were discussed at the meeting at the Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew in Wilmington.

“Raising taxes on the top two percent with the intent to increase public investment for large-scale infrastructure and supporting small businesses with getting more access to capital,” he said. “Some of the other things that were touched on were guaranteeing fair wages and benefits as a way to help stimulate that growth towards the middle class.”

Tamara Varella, leader of the Economic Development Pillar for Complexities of Color, said the state needs to support the creation of small businesses in low-income communities through access to capital and training.

“As a small business owner, I know Delaware’s economy is built on the backs of small businesses but too many don’t have the ability to pay the up front costs to buy the equipment and supplies they need to start their own business,” said Varella in a written statement by the Delaware ADA.

“Delaware has some serious budget issues to deal with over the next few years, but we have to find a way to continue investing in our kids and in our state” said Townsend in opening remarks.

The Delaware ADA also plans to continue the conversation in all three counties.

“From July to January to make sure our legislators are really thinking long-term so that they’ll have time to prepare for next year,” Serres said.

Contact Amy Cherry at or follow her on Twitter at @acherry13.

Photos of Delawareans Opposed to Fast Track/TPP

Tomorrow (Friday) the U.S. House of Representatives has scheduled a vote on Fast Track.

Over the last year, and in particular over the past few months, Delawareans have come together to stand for a strong middle class future and oppose Fast Track.

Fast Track would prevent a transparent and democratic review process to consider the full impact trade agreements would have on the economy, environment, public safety, and health.

We want honest trade deals that everyone is able to participate in, not just a select few. These are just a few of the photos of people urging Congressman John Carney to vote “NO” on Fast Track.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this effort!

For a full list of photos click here.

Support Same Day Voter Registration

Tomorrow at 11am one of our chapter’s big priorities will be publicly released! Same Day Voter Registration!

For the past 1-2 years Delaware ADA has supported Same Day Voter Registration and now we have a chance to make sure it gets enacted.
If you are interested/available to head down to Dover tomorrow(Wednesday) please let Drew know. The press conference is at 11amand the bill will be heard in committee at Noon.